It’s just been announced in the U.S. that LinkedIn are finally launching a ‘LinkedIn Live’ which will rival ‘Facebook Live’ (can you believe FB rolled that out nearly 3 years ago!). Providing businesses with the options to ‘livestream’ to select groups or the wider LinkedIn community. Reports indicate that initial users will be connected to the service on an ‘invite-only’ basis.

First stages ‘Beta testing’ is being conducted in the U.S. prior to this service being offered to the UK, but hopefully we will have a fully functioning live platform soon! It was only a matter of time before Microsoft stepped up their game (LinkedIn was purchased by Microsoft back in 2016) and it’s hoped they are making plans to come back at their competitors.

As we all know, video is the fastest growing format on social platforms right now, and the one most likely to get people talking about your business. Making it much easier for professionals to share their expertise and seamlessly connect with new customers/clients.

It means professionals will be able to conduct live interviews and record events. Webinars and demonstrations will now be possible and many businesses will utilise this facility to showcase their portfolios, projects and make product announcements.

Watch this space for more updates!

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