Tayside Virtual Assistant was established in 2014.  Owned and managed by Pam Angus (The perfect name for a P.A), which I worked as for many years before I decided to take the leap and become a VA “Virtual Assistant”.

As a ‘Virtual Service’ we provide Executive Assistance to the whole of the UK.   Although we cover the entire map, TVA already works alongside many local businesses across Tayside.  We are keen to further establish our presence, given we are the first and only business of this kind in the local Area.

Personally, I hold a wealth of experience as a Personal Assistant and Operations Manager, taking up my first P.A. role as a young whippersnapper at age 19.  At my current career point, I have successfully developed a combination of Managerial and Communication Skills, now having worked in the industry for just short of 25 years.

My experience covers, but is not limited to, Estate Agency/Property, Financial Services, Legal, Education, Medical,  and much more!  This enables me to manage a wide range of projects on your behalf. Whether it’s business development, sales, marketing or client relations, you can be confident that I will be able to understand the business area and role required.

Tayside Virtual can help you find the ‘Best Virtual Assistant’ for your Company, suited to your specific business needs. We are continuing to build our team of UK based experienced Virtual Assistants, and take pride in the service we provide. We specialise in 3 core areas, Administrative Support, Social Media Management and P.A./Secretarial Support.

We look forward to discussing your business requirements.

0800 211 8669 (info@taysideva.co.uk)